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Clutch pedal vibration

Hello, I recently bought a 2014 435i with about 48k on the clock. Have had the car for close to two months and in that time I have changed most of the fluids.

I have done the oil, mtf, and diff fluid as well as bled all of the brakes and clutch.

Just after the mtf/diff/oil change and before the clutch bleed, I noticed a strange sensation in the clutch pedal. It feels as though the pedal is vibrating? Almost a gritty feeling when pushing in and releasing the clutch. I figured a brake fluid flush would help with the sensation, didn't do much.

I filled the transmission with BMW spec lt5 fluid, I used about 1.3l roughly maybe a bit less. This seems like too much of a coincidence to not be related to the fluid change. Any suggestions? I would hate to think that the clutch and throw out bearing are showing their age with the cars mileage.
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