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What's this fluid?

Hey guys - new to BMW. Currently have a 2014 328i xDrive with 89k miles. Was having my son do some parallel parking this weekend in our driveway and noticed some spots on the driveway being left by the car during the practice session. I could not pinpoint where it was coming from. They were fairly small, dime to nickel in size, dark brown or black in color, slick feeling and had no scent that I could tell. Because of no scent, I did a very small taste test and it had a slight sweet taste. Looked to be coming from the front of the car and looked to be coming from the front corners rather than the middle. No spots on the concrete were the car is parked either before or after this session. The only think I can think of would possibly be oil with coolant in it? I certainly hope not, but can't really think of anything else. Thought maybe it was related to the brake system since were doing a lot of brake work during the practice session.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
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