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Originally Posted by PrinceBarin View Post
Waiting for stuff when it's out of your control like this sucks!
Ain't that the truth lol.. and even worse, there are at least 3 more things that are out of my control like this that I have to wait for, some even without knowing at all when it is ending :S

Originally Posted by PrinceBarin View Post
Not sure of my own timeline because my company manages that side of things. All I know is that my car was ordered in late December and I got an email today saying it was ready for delivery at my request. Trouble is, my current car lease doesn't expire until 30 April, so unless I want to pay for two cars at once (I don't) I have to wait patiently until 1 May knowing that my car is ready!!
Dang that blows big time

Originally Posted by PrinceBarin View Post
I have visions of the guys in the prep centre driving it about for the next two months like the car park attendants if Ferris Bueller's Day Off!
lol I know, I'm so going to check my mileage when I get the car.. when it's more than when I got my other cars, they're going to get questions lol

edit: on a better note, the webcam image showed a lot of cars on a train last night, they seem to be gone now. But either way, my car is still awaiting a vessel :/
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