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Originally Posted by aceking4u View Post
I was looking into additional savings. Every state, is different, but in CA you gotta pay use/sales tax unless the car was first used in another state or country within the first 90 days. I'll try to make this as short as possible.

Contract Signing Date Prior to ED Built Date: 01/01/13 (Example)
Build Completion Date: 01/08/13
Munich Arrival Date: 01/31/13
Return Car Date: 02/14/13
Car shipped back to US: 04/01/13

In this scenario, I shouldn't have to pay sales tax correct?

Here is a brief reference " If the property is purchased (delivered) and first functionally used outside of California for more than 90 days, it is presumed to have been purchased for use outside California. Storage of the property outside of California may be included in the 90-day period provided the property is first functionally used outside the state prior to the storage period."

Ain't gonna happen. First off, the car is considered "first use" when you pick it up in Munich. And it's not going to take 90 days from your pick up, to drop back off in CA. Unless you're gonna do a 2 month ED (would be sweet).

Regardless of all the above I just wrote, your dealer is going to be required to charge you sales tax on your order, which they pay to CA. And you have to pay for the car in full (or lease) before your trip.

So your only option is to try to ask the state for your tax back, after you paid it via your dealer. Ain't gonna happen.

If you really don't want to pay sales tax, just trade in a car for the equivalent price of the car you're buying. Worked for me
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