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Originally Posted by Number
Originally Posted by mocohead View Post
Most people just start throwing parts at a car to make it "faster" on the track. But really you need a plan - what specifically are you trying to change about how the car performs on the track? Tailor your parts to achieving your plan. Plus it is critical to ask yourself this basic question before modifying your car - are you getting 100% out of the car, 100% of the time? If somebody else could get into your car and go faster, don't spend a penny on it. Focus your mod dollars on upgrading the driver.

IMHO the stock suspension is basically great, except for the lack of front camber. Body roll is well controlled, it is not rolling onto the bump stops, it is pretty neutral and very predictable. Plus the street ride quality is excellent!

Personally if I was in your situation I would install the factory Performance Suspension package, keeping the original diameter front sway bar and installing the slightly larger rear M Sport sway bar. Unless you are racing your car competitively there is no reason to destroy your street comfort for an occasional track day. My bet is the BMW Performance suspension package is probably a great compromise and will be far more comfortable than any coil over setup.
Great post. I have not actually tracked my car yet. However, I eventually will. If I was to use "Are you getting 100% out of your car 100% of the time" reasoning, then I wouldn't even be able to justify having a 335i. I should've gotten a used Miata, FRS, or a Ford Focus even.

The first and most important thing I'm trying to achieve is an optimal suspension set up for occasional track use. I agree that the stock set up is probably better performing than out of box solutions. However, I do believe that a decent aftermarket kit can be fine tuned to reach a "happy" medium. After all, suspension is all about compromise right? I'm definitely not willing to go 100% in any direction. That's for sure.
How would you know what setup you would want without even tracking it yet? Or will you be dialing it in while at the track? I would start with driver mod but that may end up not too family friendly as well lol.