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Arrow We Interview Oliver Ganser, BMW 3 Series Product Manager BMWNA, on All Things F30

We Interview Oliver Ganser, BMW 3 Series Product Manager BMWNA, on All Things F30
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At the 2012 Detroit NAIAS, we sat down and chatted with Oliver Ganser, the 3 Series Product Manager at BMW North America. As the F30 3 Series may now be ordered and will have its official worldwide market launch in just a few weeks - on February 11, we naturally had many questions for him (many directly from you, our members). Here are the F30 related topics we covered.

For all our other coverage from the 2012 Detroit NAIAS, please see

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Are the aerodynamics of the F30 improved by the M-sport package, or is it only a cosmetic difference?

M Sport Package has same drag coefficient (Cd) value as the base models – 0.29 Cd for 328i and 0.30 Cd for 335i. Each F30 model has been optimized for minimum drag and turbulence and to create directional airflow. A neat example - there are plastic aerodynamic sculpted sleeves on each rear control arm / wishbone to increase downforce and reduce turbulence on rear axle/suspension [picture to right].

Will Adaptive Sport Suspension be standard on M Sport models?

Not standard, it will be an option.

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Will M Sport brakes be included as part of M Sport Package for the US?

We have not decided this yet, but we will have the decision soon because we will bring the M Sport Package soon – July Production for September delivery. It can be ordered prior to July. [F30 M Sport brakes pictured to right]

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Will there be a power bump for the M Sport 335i?

No. We have increased cooling capabilities for the M Sport and Sport Line model [via extra cooler behind fog lights on passenger side - pictured right], but no power bump. Many customers like the M Sport Package as just an aerodynamics package; that’s why we separated things like the Adaptive Sport Suspension and Sport Steering as options apart from the M Sport package, so customer can make choices between aesthetics and functional enhancements.

Why does the US M Sport model on display have no fog lights, unlike the European model?

For improved race capability. We need the air intakes for air. That’s why the fog lights are out. Because you have more driving on the racetracks than in Europe and you have different climate zones (some places are hotter). European models will keep their fog lights.

Will there be a Diesel F30 in the US?
We will not have a diesel for the model year 2012, but our last outgoing model (e90) was very successful with the diesel so we’re thinking about it.

When will xDrive be available? As of July production also or later?
It will come in Fall as well with pretty similar schedule as M Sport Package (see above).

Will xDrive be available with manual transmission?
For some models.

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When will Active Hybrid 3 be available, 9/2012?
Will also be offered in the same time frame.

Why no staggered wheels standard for 328i?
Staggered wheels are available as optional wheels.
[Note: Note: As far as we can tell, this applies to M Sport models only.]

What generation runflat tires does the F30 use?
We use the latest generation RFT on the F30 now. It's a huge step forward in ride comfort, tread life, and noise reduction.

Is the PDC and Rearview camera the same set-up as in the 5 and 7?
Yes, same technologies flow down from the 5 series. There is front and rear PDC, rearview camera with parking guide lines, top down view, and front fender side view cameras.

Any plans to bring the uprated 315hp N55 in the 335i (as recently launched in the 6 Series Gran Coupe)?

No. The F30 N55 engine is the same engine as in the outgoing E90 model. We just decided that the 6 and 7 series will have the uprated N55 engine to 315hp. This won’t flow down to the F30. The uprated power in the 6 and 7 series comes from software only.
[Note: However, we were told during our F30 test drive in Barcelona that BMW is considering bringing the 315hp N55 to the F30 at some point (perhaps as a Performance option)].

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Any word regarding BMW Performance parts for the F30?

You will see them soon.
[Note: Some BMW Performance and M Performance parts for the F30 have already been spotted [pictured right], via some photos taken at a recent dealer presentation - see the images here]

When will Individual colors (exterior and interior) be available for the F30?

The suggested BMW Individual colors and combinations have not yet been released.
[Note: Remember, from our interview with Matt Russell last year at the NYIAS, any dealer can submit individual orders for you].

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Latest status on F30 Front license plate mounting base:

The latest from BMWNA (as of 1/19) is that the first batch of 3 Series Sedans will be delivered to BMW Centers across the US with (but not necessarily attached) the large front license plate bracket shown in some recent photos. That is the reason we see it installed on some recent production cars (pictured below). [Preproduction cars will still continue to be seen with it of course.]

As of last Thursday however, BMW production facilities have begun manufacturing a new license plate bracket that is smaller than the ones previously seen.

So, this means that some of the very early F30 cars will have the large front license plate base come with the cars, and the others that come after it will have a smaller plate base.

A front license plate holder will not be installed on US bound F30 models. A front license plate holder will be supplied for all cars in case it is bound for a State that requires front license plates. Sorry for any confusion that may have come from our previous posts on the matter. We were relaying what we found out and were told by BMW.