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Originally Posted by F30MGM
Just hit 4k miles on my 340i so i did a oil change, straight forward process:

1. Jack up car on jack stands and make sure it is secure(Not responsible for any deaths)

2. Open oil cap so oil

3. Pop off cover for oil drain with a flat head
4. Get 17mm socket to drain oil, there was no crush washer on my car but the oil filter came with one so i used it.

5. Take out oil filter. You will need a 32mm socket to take it

6. Replace oil filter with new filter

7. At this point your oil be drained are almost all the way drained out. Once its drained of course tighten the drain plug with new crush washer.

8. Refill with a 7 quarts of oil of your choice, I personally used Castrol 0w-30 European formula.

9. Enjoy the extra 20hp you gained from a oil change
Any benefit to running 0-30w over 0-20w?

Also link to where you got he filter?
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