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Originally Posted by rambalu80 View Post
I thought the B58 engines required 0W-20?
Although I don't have the sticker under the hood, see this:
on TMS website:

BMW's newest TwinPower Turbo engine oil is LL14 FE+ certified. It meets BMW's standards for LongLife 2014 ("LL14") and improved fuel economy ("FE+"). In testing, BMW saw a 3% improvement in fuel economy over the LL01 5W30 in the N20 4-cylinder. The new 0W20 replaces the previous 5W30 oil used in some 4-cylinder and 6-cylinder BMW models and is the standard oil for the new B-series modular engines (B46, B48, B58). As of December 2015, BMW has not backdated the 0W20 for any other engines.

Beginning with July 2015 production, new models came with 0W20 or 0W30 BMW oil. However, BMW dealerships continued to sell 5W30 until that stock was depleted. The 5W30 is an acceptable alternative to the 0W20 and 0W30 BMW oil per BMW's service bulletin.

0W20 oil is to be released in 2016.
so from my understanding its okay to use any LL-01 approved oil