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Originally Posted by clarence View Post
The N47 in twin-turbo format is not available in a version that meets EU6 (i.e. no Blue Performance option), & hence it's NOx does not comply with EPA's Tier2 Bin5 (which is slightly tighter than EU6). So 240ps from that engine which meets all EPA standards is currently not possible.

Currently only 20d N47 & 30d N57 is available in EU6-compliant version, so those 2 should be the ones coming to NA.
You make good points and a sound argument. I suppose there was never more than just a fool's hope for the TT diesels in North America anyway.

Even if they won't make it here, I hope BMW continues to push the envelop with their high performance diesels (such as a real 328d with 328i-like performance). Perhaps when the next generation B47 and B67 arrive, we'll get the more powerful versions of those engines on this side of the globe.
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