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Originally Posted by HREM3 View Post
Price Is going to be a huge ??.

M3 Base? = 65k?
M4 Base? = 75k?
M4 GC Base? = 80k?
I'm thinking because it's a ///M car, there shouldn't be too many options that could me it any different from each other (more can be done to differentiate between the F30 3-Series and F32 4-Series) so prices should be relatively the same. We already know there was quite a price difference between the E90 and E92 but the E90 M3 and E92 M3 were only about priced about $3k apart so I don't think the "premium mark-up" would be applied to the M3 and M4 (the GC, not too sure but I'm assuming there will be a premium for it) - or at least I hope not.

As for the F30 and F32, I don't think the F32 is going to be anymore expensive than the F30 than what it was with the E9X. In Canada, the E90 started around mid $30k while the the E92 was about $7-9k more (could be wrong with that)? I think BMW will retain this pricing structure, the only difference is the model number change to justify the price difference between sedan and coupe.

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