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Originally Posted by HighlandPete View Post
Ah, understand where you are coming from. What you are saying is something I've mused on, knowing there must be compromises on the damping/spring rates. I suppose it is the only way BMW can set it up to get the best off the peg balance/compromise for each adaptive setting. I haven't actually tried the F30 adaptive suspension, as my attention went to the 5-series, and therefore to the more advanced VDC with the 3-settings. I do feel the 'normal' mode, the mid range damping is the best setting, in the 5-series for general use. Again it is probably the best matched damping for the spring rate, with a bit of compromise each way on the comfort and sport settings. It is in that mid setting where the active part does give a better ride and handling balance, compared to the passive standard suspension on the 5-series cars, from my test driving. In my case I was after the best ride quality, as my typical roads are a bit challenging and sport suspension is just too harsh a ride.

I'm sure the 3-series would be a better setup if it had the 3-mode active system, or even the EDC-K damping of the M3, where there are two controlled (active) modes and one uncontrolled passive like sport setting.

Pete I think your phrase is where we will be in the future if the take up is high with current adaptive they offer more advanced system when costs come down with mass production. I have opted for adaptive after 6 years of rock hard e90 m sport on NE Scotland's poor roads. BMW lost losts of customers to Merc and jag for this reason, but I think many with venture back , also I have seen a few die hard Audi fans looking at the X drive this will do the trick along with improved interior over the e90. I will be banging on to BMW guys at Goodwood fos this year for full control option