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Originally Posted by Anodite10 View Post
How does it compare with the TT-S (also being that it was highly modified)? It must be quite a difference in performance?
The TT-S had an MTM chip and Milltek aftermarket exhaust. I drove a 335 not long after getting rid of the TT-S and honestly felt the two were rather close in quickness, although the TT-S was actually hands down quicker with the mods I had attached. The TT-S also, ironically enough was the best car ive driven in the snow...ever..and I lived in the Mountains for several years (8400 Elevation). Point being, the all wheel drive system on a set of tires that cost two car payments each mended well will the snow. The TT-S though was a very very fun car, but with the modifications I feared the payment if in some disgusting series of events, I either popped one of the tires or had a warranty issue that wouldn't be covered. The car was a Prestige package as well, which as you may know is the highest Audi package, but being a 2010, honestly doesnt compare AT ALL to the BMW. In so many words, I love my Audis, and the TT-S was damn fast, but by far the most impractical car I've owned...but fun usually isn't practical

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You know you can chip your car just like you did with the Audis lol.

I assume you had APR tunes?
Haha yes I'm aware I can chip the Beemer as well, except on the A5 the chip was through Audi (Stasis) and was fully covered under Audi warranty, which is quite nice for comfort of mind if nothing else. TT-S was MTM chip
TT-S =
A5= ...near the bottom for performance numbers.
GTI= was revo chip

Do you know how Dinan works with BMW?