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OEM Rear Camera Missing

I am looking for some troubleshooting advice for an issue I'm having with my OEM reversing camera issue. The car is a 2016 328i base with HU_ENTRYNAV.

Just after replacing my car battery (not sure if it's related or not, just providing as much info as possible) my rear view camera stopped working. When I put the car in reverse, my display looks like the attached image. No camera view, no error message, just the PDC display and all of the reverse camera function grayed out.

Here is the error code for the camera:

72 Driver's side footwell module
1 error
E59449: CAN message, status qualifier rear view (ST_QU_RV): Missing

From what I can tell, since I don't get an error on the CID, it is probably either that the camera module failed, or I disturbed wiring in the battery compartment when I replaced the battery.

Has anyone gone through a similar issue? Or does anyone have any troubleshooting advice to narrow down the issue?

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