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Originally Posted by Timbits93 View Post
Great work roxxor! You seem to be retrofitting everything at this point!

My current thoughts about the PMA seem to revolve around the PMA Module.

With the Pre-LCI F30s, the system can only be utilized when parking between 2 cars.

With LCI F30s and MY2016 F2X/F3X, Auto PDC became available and parking behind a car also worked.

Since I have PMA on my 2015 F30 Pre-LCI, was wondering if it's possible to fit the newer PMA Module to activate Auto PDC and to be able to utilize the system when parking behind a single vehicle.

Of course understandably, stall parking only works when equipped with 4 PMA sensors (2 front, 2 rear)
Since you already have NBT, that should work. Most everything wiring wise stayed the same I believe