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Originally Posted by Yobyot View Post
I wish you'd remember that kids read this forum, too.

And your dealer probably doesn't read the tire warranty CD either.
Holy post resurrection Batman!

Your advice is solid on tire warranty on a new car.
Many people don't know that the tires on a new car DO have the same manufacturers warranty as any new tire does.

I experienced this back in 2000. Within the first year of the new car, 2 of the Goodyear tires developed bubbles/bulges in their sidewalls.
I took it to a Goodyear dealer, and with some haggling with Goodyear I got new 2 new tires for the cost of half of one.
Their warranty wasn't as good as some brands have now.
But it does pay to understand and use your warranties.

That said, unfortunately, Bridgestone does not have a road hazard warranty on the OEM RFT S001.
From Tire Rack:

Most high performance tires don't come with an OEM road hazard warranty.

Interestingly, Bridgestone does offer a 30 day ride trial.
If you don't like the tires you have 30 days to take them back and get a refund or new different tires.
Since the OEM warranty does include tires on a new car, I wonder if someone can take their less than 30 day new car tires and get back a refund or a different set of Bridgestone tires?

They may have an exclusion though as they could say, "30 days from the install date", which pretty much negates that part of the warranty as it takes longer than that to get the cars into the US.
But, it would be interesting to see if it did apply.

In my case, I knew I was going to get a different set of tires within a few months as I don't care for RFT's, and I need AS tires anyway.
I should have tried this to see if I could get a refund or a set of AS tires.
Too late obviously as this idea has just come to me.