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Hi guys,

Just to give you some information and ask a question to fellow 420d owners.

Service no.1 (Oil change, oil filter, air filter) £365 inc VAT - BMW Barons Kentish Town

My service is booked for mid August, so I will let you guys know what this campaign thing is all about and what the problem was.

So my questions is, have any 420dGC owners had this campaign fix for your car? Do you know more details about the issue?

BMW servicing is requirement based, not fixed date/mileage based. I drive to work 5days a week, stop start traffic in eco-pro mode, with a round trip mileage of approx 12miles. I only put it in sport mode when a usually an old modded up car wants to show off and i leave him for dust. The acceleration is plenty for most UK roads and most cannot keep. I even stuck right in the ass of a Maserati Ghibli, although i wasn't expecting to, he must have felt like
a shit driver after i overtook him, when it was safe to!

So that's my driving pattern 95% eco pro 5% fun. I am wondering now if constant stop start commuting traffic is the reason i am due servicing so early??

Any thoughts would be appreciated. What modes do you drive in?

One last thing, i only use Shell V-Power since i go the car brand new. What do you guys use?


Sorry I forgot to mention my car age and first mileage.

I got it brand new in Nov 2016 (66 plate).
First service carried out at 7,678 miles.
Current mileage (Correction to what I wrote further up) 15,632 and according to the on board computer I am overdue by 190 miles. Again just to mention, the earliest convenient booking is mid August, BMW said its fine to go -1000 miles.
There's something wrong there for sure, your car shouldn't be asking for an oil change every 7 or 8k miles and in less than a year. Probably something wrong software relatated with the condition based servicing .. unless your engine oil is getting diluted down badly with Diesel
Yeah hence BMW said there is a campaign fix that they need to perform a software update because they themselves found it strange that it's asking for servicing.

However, when I got the car day 1 brand new with 6miles I think on the clock, everytime you turn on the engine a display comes up giving you a countdown of the next service. From day 1 it said service at 8,000 miles! After that, and the computer reset after first service, it then said next service due in 14,000, at this point I wasn't even at 8,000 miles yet when the first service was done. So I am thinking ok, I can drive for another 14,000 miles, which would take me to 22,000 before needing a second service. Mind you the computer also says, 14,000 or 09/2018 whichever comes first. But... And here is the big but...., I have noticed every two weeks-ish the amount of mileage remaining for the second service mysteriously comes down a lot more than my miles driven. However its hard to keep track of and make a mental calculation as each time I fill up I reset the odometer. I average about 30litres of Shell V-Power Diesel to approx 200 to 250 miles.