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Originally Posted by BMWrules7 View Post
Funny. I saw a friends steering wheel rip and blow up like a Ball Park Frank years ago.

He concluded that this was due to eczema on his hands---he perpetually used a lot of medicated lotion to protect his hands.

Apparently, these lotions have acid in them to help exfoliate the dead skin cells. Acid and stitched leather do not a mix make.
Hand lotions are extremely nasty to everything.

I'm a product designer and hand lotions will eat through paint, plastic, and just about anything with prolonged exposure. I actually burned a nice mark into the door of my wife's Nissan from the Sunscreen I had on my arm after going to the beach.

If you ever look at a woman's cell phone that has soft touch paint on it you'll probably see it's half eaten away. It will even creep through solid plastic and cause it to stress crack after enough time.

So don't let women in your car unless they're in a body bag...wait that came out wrong.
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