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Originally Posted by bumpy View Post
minimize touching the wheel when driving.
This plays out well in my head

"Sorry officer I lost control of the car, I didn't want to get the wheel greasy and then that truck pulled in front of me".

Or in the middle of summer

"No officer, these are my racing mittens"

They make leather care products, there is no "magic coating" applied to leather. It's not soft touch paint that's going to delaminate over time.

Leather wears due to oils, and pressure. Pressure flattens out the texture of the leather, and the dead skin from your hands will fill up the nooks and crannies to make it seem smooth. There are plenty of leather care products that you can use once a week/month/3 months that will keep your wheel looking fine.

I have OCD, and you people make me feel normal. Jesus I can't bear the thought of what happens when you get your first door ding.
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