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Unhappy Status?

I'm wondering if there's been a resolution to this issue as the same thing happened to me on Tues during an 800+ mile trip. I stopped for gas after the first 350-mile or so leg (odometer at about 1280 miles), filled up with 93 octane REAL (not ethynol!) gas, and while accelerating back onto the highway my car began doing the rumble/shake thing & I got the same "drive train" and "drive moderately" messages. I believe I was in the process of shifting into 5th when it started.

I immediately left the highway & called BMW via the on-board SOS. They sent a tow truck, which took me to the nearest dealership. After about 3 hours they said they couldn't duplicate the problem and that there was no record of a problem on the car's log, so they couldn't fix a problem that doesn't exist.

Well, it does indeed exist, and in fact, I had felt the "rumble" several times previously while on the highway around home, but very briefly & without the display messages being triggered. The times it happened I'd assumed I'd gone over a rough patch of road...guess I know better now!

I'm a bit concerned since I'll be driving back next week, and the trip involves a lot of driving through long stretches of absolutely nothing. I was fortunate that the problem happened right outside Little Rock, so there was a dealership nearby. It's clearly NOT an octane issue. I was in sport mode, my car's a stick, and I was up-shifting as per normal when entering a highway. And it wasn't cold out; nor was the car cold (obviously). WTF???