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I appreciate the info and photos, thanks!

Originally Posted by SamS View Post
Rear-facing seats (for kids <2) inherently are deeper (really deep, actually), and almost impossible to fit behind the driver's seat in an F30 if you're taller than 5' 8". You can fit them behind the passenger seat if you move it up, but that still leaves very little room to unlatch the seat - your hand must go in between the most forward part of the car seat, and the back of the passenger seat, to unlatch the seat for removal.

Struggle with this several times a week, and you will appreciate just how much an extra 3-4" of wheelbase/legroom can make a difference in your daily life loading and unloading kids from a car.

That's just the issue with rear-facing seats. With standard forward-facing seats, a small child is still going to bounce his/her legs during the trip. Guess where those legs end up? Hitting the back of your seat! Admittedly, you can coach a toddler not to do this, but a few extra inches would be useful for everyone.

Minivans don't sell well every year because people like their bulbous looks or floaty ride. They sell because convenience sells. Well, I don't need to go to that extreme, however I do want something fun to drive that's not a total pain in the ass to move two small children in and out of. The F30 is just on the border of that type of vehicle.

Maybe I need the Chinese long-wheelbase F30?
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