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Originally Posted by kenneymac View Post
When you did European Delivery, did they give you a full tank of gas?
No, it was approximately 1/4 tank at delivery.

Originally Posted by babybeamer View Post
Luke b817,

Beautiful car. I am looking at ordering the same interior with a black exterior. Planned upgrades are:

-Red M Performance brakes
-Black kidney grilles
-Match-painted reflectors
-VMR 710 matte black, 19in (use the stock wheels for winter tires)

The question is what summer tires should I use for the 19" VMRs and winter tires for the stock 18" rims? I plan on selling the run flats if I can't convince the dealer to ship with winters and give me a credit. If I order next week the production run will be September with expected delivery early November.. so it is borderline for snow up here in Toronto.

Thanks for any input.
That will be a mean looking configuration, very nice. I'm considering the Bridgestone Blizzaks for the winter tires--still trying to decide what to do for the new 19in summers, and I will try to sell the OEM 18in tires.
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