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Originally Posted by claykin View Post
Advise dealer service manager that you want an appointment with the BMW rep. who visits them once or twice a month. Sometimes just requesting this appointment will motivate dealers bad attitude. Sometimes not, but the BMW rep should be able to help you work with dealer to get these issues resolved.

Trust me, these BMW reps grade dealer performance and dealers don't like to get dinged on their performance scores.
The next step up is definitely BMW. I have reached out to various levels at the dealership so they have a chance to right the situation, which again is mostly about their lack of interest in a customer having problems.

As for the problems themselves, only one is minor and an annoyance (the squeeling brakes).
The washer fluid level warning might seem minor, but as soon as it's (incorrectly) triggered the car won't clean the headlights or the back window (F31) since it thinks it has to save on fluid. So when in the dark this becomes a major issue. Or well, it did until the level adjustment for the headlights failed. Now I can't see a thing regardless of how clean the lights are....

Anyway, we'll see how this works out. I'm sure they'll fix it but my faith in both the car itself, BMW and the dealership has definitely been severely harmed by the experience this far.
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