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Originally Posted by ft1337 View Post
Well... You want to save money and you end up negating the difference or most of it, by installing an aftermarket exhaust. You could have ended up with a 6 banger, a nice sound and great performance for just a little more if you had realized your mistake in the first place.

Only thing I can think of outside of the money factor for getting a 328 over a 335:

- Better fuel economy (get a Prius if you're green or a Kia if you're broke)
- Better weight distribution (very slim difference noticeable in racing only)
This sentiment just oooooooozes snobbery.

What you're saying in other words:

"It's stupid to spend 1.3k to upgrade the sound on your 328i, because for another 4k you could have gotten a 335i. And if that additional 4k actually matters to you, well then you're just a broke person who's reasoning I don't understand".

A) I've heard a 328i with performance exhaust, and a 335 with stock. Personally prefer the 328 with perf exhaust at higher revs. So no, just upgrading to a 335 would not be the same as installing the performance exhaust on a 328.

B) For a lot of us here that additional 4k is a size-able chunk of money. Does that mean we're broke or poorer than you or whatever? No, it just means we have different priorities.