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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
There's a Reverse Superman Z3 MC here, Imola with the Estoril interior. It's, ah, rather unfortunate.
Iiiinteresting. When I bought my Z3MC I really wanted estoril with blue/black, but it was simply too hard to find. After 3 months, when the perfect silver+grey/black popped up only 400 miles away, I jumped on it.

What was interesting to me was how common blue/black interiors were -- not just on blue cars, but also on silver and other colors. Amazingly, the most common interior for the silver cars was all black. My two-tone grey/black is actually extremely rare, for some reason. I'd think the less gaudy two tone interiors would have been more popular?

For an F31? I really want the lovely saddle brown, but BMW makes you buy the Luxury line for that.. ick. Guess the interior will have to be some form of black. Would love Estoril M sport with the blue trim.. or a big-bird mode atacama yellow with black interior