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DVC Yes basically what I found as well, there's no interest in a modded car. I just parted out and sold my E92 stock.

I wouldn't use a NACA duct. Just route the hose through the dedicated brake cooling holes in the bumper, it's the ideal place. That is how VAC Motorsports configured my E92.

You're probably not going to eliminate the possibility of rubbing. Put the hose as far out of the way as possible and make sure it's secured there e.g. won't get displaced if it contacts the tire. Zip ties around the hose through the fender liner ought to ensure that. (See my photos.)

Then what you need to determine is how often the tire will rub the hose. If it happens just doing a 90 degree turn from a Stop sign then you have a problem and will probably have to concede that you'll need to install the hoses at the track and that's it. Otherwise just deal with the rubbing and replace the hose when it wears through. If it has a small hole you can just use some duct tape to patch it at the track.

Even 90* turns on the road don't require a lot of angle. And I could see what you're saying for track days maybe, but if he does autox i'd imagine he'd go full lock pretty often. Granted it's not a super functioning part of the car so a hole in it wouldn't matter much, but i'd be worried about the tire rubbing against the coil wire.
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As long as 3-pedals are an option, I will exercise my right to suffer the handicap and indignity of slower shifts and reaction times.