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More BMW-Toyota Supercoupe Speculation

More BMW-Toyota Supercoupe Speculation
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BMW and Toyota have already formally announced their shared platform project which reportedly will result in two cars from two brands, but using shared platform technology. The rest is completely shrouded in mystery.

So far, rumors on the topic have ranged on this shared platform vehicle producing either the Z4 replacement (possibly back to the Z3 moniker) or a separate sports coupe under the name Z5, presumably larger and more powerful.

Germany's Autozeitung Magazine have now jumped onto the rumor fray, releasing this new photoshop and speculating that the car will be something truly cutting edge. First up, they claim the car will be using a 3.0L I6, turbocharged ofcourse. The new model will follow the i8/3 lead and be made mostly from CFRP and aluminum to keep the car as light as a possible. This combination of engine and materials already has us salivating! M3/4 which is even lighter weight?

What will make this car special then and different from the M3? Likely the Z car style and a hybrid powertrain are the leading guesses for now. To be honest, we are still in the speculation mode right now as I'm sure everything is on the table at this point. But only good can come from this proposal, afterall, Toyota is excited enough to release their FT-1 proposal to the world, so for now we wait... earnestly...

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Toyota's FT-1 Concept Car

Source: Autozeitung Magazine via Autoevolution