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Do you guys think there are any negatives to buying a bmw from the Rosslyn pant in south africa, vs a Germany manufacturing plant?

Honestly off the bat i was dissapointed when i saw the vin of the car i was looking at was from SA Rosslyn VIN: WBAPL5G56BNN23739
- its just we all want to know that our bmw is as bavarian as can be, i think its normal

But, after reading some replies- and coming from a strict manufacturing plant myself- I realize the germans building the plant in SA to maximize profits- but would apply the same quality control and same tolerances/specs as they have home, if not better.

If the Roslynn plant is also newer, one would expect alot of things probably done better, assumably.

But cant lie, id prefer my window sticker to say Munich . LOL.

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