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Originally Posted by Skyhigh View Post
The fact that a product is released before the supporting documentation (as informal as it is) is updated is one thing.

But more importantly - the 2 additional modes are described as still dynamically redistributing torque/power (as stock), just differently allocated, with higher rear bias. If components fail by doing that, they will certainly fail in pure RWD mode as well!

And last but not least - it is not the breaking of something that is the primary concern of many here, if you've read the previous posts. It is the SAFETY, which is affected by the product of a group of anonymous people with questionable competence and presumably very limited testing abilities.
It should not fail in RWD mode as the clutch is disconnected, what's unsafe about it? DTC, DSC still works as per normal unless you manually turn it off. I've done a couple dozen 1/4 mile launches with no problems.

Also, it took them years to release xDelete for F-series, that's years of development and testing, just like how XHP took 6-7 years to release 8AT flash, they would not release something that doesn't work. Obviously on launch they ran into a couple speedbumps but a few days updates fixed the issues.

If you want to wait a year, or two, or three before buying it, that's for you, but I'm going to enjoy my RWD in the summers, and xDrive in the winters.
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