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Originally Posted by ali820 View Post
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According to dev my bootloader needs to be upgraded to use xDelete. There trying to push an update in next "2-3 days" that would update this automatically through the app.
What's a bootloader and why's it updating?
The bootloader is usually a module or piece of code that contains the start up logic specifying the local hardware and location of software used to spin up the OS. In Windows, for example, this would be the BIOS where you can choose which harddrive or device to boot the OS from.

Also, on Android devices you need to be unlocked to update the bootloader. It's for really hardcore hands on users, and not something most people should be doing to their phone. One wrong command and you will end up with a n expensive glass covered paperweight.

Are you rooted or using a custom bootloader/ROM @Hackintosh? Since that's your tag, Im going to assume yes lol. Theres really no reason a 3rd party app should require a bootloader update, or say thay they will push an update for it. Unless you are on a custom setup. Some apps will verify if the device is rooted to safeguard from malicious code using their application services to do nefarious things. With xdelete and it's use in altering fundamental parts in the vehicle it's likely they are doing some root checks and failing the upgrade somewhere.
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