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Audio media quirks; scroll jump or page down?

I'm loving all the audio media options I have, but as I get to know the system I'm finding there are some odd quirks, like:

1.) can't use playlists or get album art with files stored on the hard drive
2.) when using a USB flash drive in the armrest, songs don't just continuously play from folder to folder (you have to make a playlist)
3.) lists in the HUD and the iDrive screen aren't always on the same page
4.) no "Next / Previous" button on steering wheel
5.) no Page Down, Jump x10, or Go To End for scrolling

Using the iDrive or the scroll wheel on the steering wheel, is there a way to jump down a long list, like "page down" or "go to end"? It takes a lot of scrolling to get to the bottom of a list If I'm using a USB flash drive with hundreds of songs on it.

I can think of various workarounds, like making a bunch of playlists to break the list up into smaller parts, but I hope there's a direct answer. I know a mechanic who works on a lot of BMWs and he got very animated about the iDrive controller, saying, "DO NOT fly through that iDrive wheel… scroll slowly, because it WILL break. And never, ever, have any liquids around it!" Well, that's not going to happen cause I need my morning coffee, but I am heeding his advice about the scrolling. The iDrive system is very expensive to repair.

I also miss having a "next / previous" button on the steering wheel. The E90 had it, and the last 3 cars I've bought had it. I know I can just scroll the thumb wheel down 1x and press it, or reach over to the dash and hit the > button, and I realize this is NOT a big deal in the grand scheme of life, but it is a strange omission to someone who is really used to having it.

Anyone have any tricks they'd like to share?