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Originally Posted by RamboGrambo View Post
Car is booked in next week to try and remove paint defect from door (without re-spray) under warranty.

Whilst it is in they will also inspect the alloys. They did say that they have seen this issue on 5 series alloys but never on the new 3 series.

My gut feeling at the minute is they wont be able to fix the paint defect without a re-spray and they will say that the alloy problem will not be covered under the warranty.
Wheel/s: I hope this does not happen. It would be downright wrong of them. Is it just one wheel that's corroded?

Hairy Paint: This should be fixable with some gentle massaging.

Originally Posted by ThreethirtyDee View Post
Factually correct of course but what we like here is subjective opinions.

I would suggest that ride improves with smaller wheels, larger tyre walls, handling improves with smaller tyre walls.

It therefore (IMHO) unreasonable to expect both to be better with 18' or 19'

Can the OP please advise what the dealer response was to the original issue?
Handling better? I read somewhere that a car shod with 18" was faster round a track than the one with 19".

Anyway, you're happy with 19", I'm delighted with 18" and have already cited many of the latter's advantages. End of story.
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