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Originally Posted by Cyberdemon View Post

You can't adjust your mirror while driving?

You never drove a car without an auto-dimming mirror and had to reach over and move the mirror to avoid a glare?

"OMG Mirror drooping. Crash!"

I find there's a direct correlation between how much I enjoy my cars and how unreliable they are. In my Cadillac the rear view mirror would just fall off periodically while driving, so a slight droop after 5 days is pretty modest.

It's fine to complain about a violent steering wheel vibrations and burning oil. But some of the threads on this forum are getting to a point of being ridiculous.

"My compass is 2 degrees off of magnetic north"

"Are my carpet fibers too curly? My last car had much curlier carpet"

People need to have some HPFP failures to appreciate their sagging mirrors more.
I can definitely see that you have very very positive mind. Good for you. And all car manufacturers (especially customer service guys) will have much easier life if every customers are like you.

BTW, as I live in Canada, everyday I can see many novice drivers (mostly new immigrants from the 3rd countries without car life^^) are driving their cars just staring front, and holding steering wheels tight and close to their chest... Wonder they can look mirrors or even touch the mirrors to adjust.