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Originally Posted by shawnsheridan View Post
"VCM isn't updated" is unimportant soft warning. Click past it.

This "SVK-Ist does not match expected SGBMIDs for ecu..." means you have chosen an improper I-Step Shipment when you made your SVT Target (SVT_soll). The problem is that this ECU is not factory original, so ECU I-Step Shipment is different then your car's actual I-Step Shipment, and you have no way of knowing what the right I-Step Shipment is for this ECU.

So, redo flash, but this time after you calculate SVT Target (SVT_soll), check the box that says "HW-IDs from SVTactual" and then Save it. If HWEL is Black only, no Red / Blue HWEL, then you can proceed to flash it.

If HWEL is not Black only, the only thing you can do is try different I-Step Shipment dates until hopefully one works. This is simply Trial and Error.
Hello shawnsheridan,

Thank you for the new information.
I tried with almost 10 versions of I-Step (ship), ticket "HW-IDs from SVTactual" and everytime I calculated the I-Sep version without succes.
It's taking almost 5 minutes per calculation and there are at least 30-40 I-step versions, so yes it's trial and error.
I tried without calculating anly ticked "HW-IDs from SVTactual" but I think this not checking if it's the correct version.

I'm going to return the unit and try to find another one that will work.

Thank you very much for your support and effort you put into this, keep up the good work.