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Originally Posted by Cdnrockies View Post
I don't agree with your first statement. I had the choice to buy any of the X5 variants and chose the diesel for what the engine provided relevant to where we live (ie. the torque and it's delivery combined with doing mainly highway driving). It had nothing to do with price. I'd buy a 750 diesel if they stuck the M50d engine in it from overseas as well.

The cheaper cost of premium diesel and improved fuel economy is a "nice" benefit of choosing this engine, but not the driving factor around choosing it.
It may be true for a SUV, but who needs 400+ pds of torque on a normal car?
The price of gas in europe is 2$+ a liter, and 90% of what you see on the streets is the smaller diesel engines. The day we pay the same here the choice will be natural.
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