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Originally Posted by i001947
Originally Posted by jonshmoe View Post
f30 seems so feminine to be. I hate how BMW is loosing its boldness in appearance in addition to all of the sub models.
I'm right there with you on this. It's kind of like, "where's the beef" in this car!
No muscle flexing or stance that tell you there's something mean under the hood.
Well in my opinion from what I see, the e93 sells a majority to women, many who do not care about what is under the hood (speaking of the car) drive the 328i and drive it for its comfort and badge. Most of the men I see driving the e93's are driving the m3 version which obviously has the muscly look all over.

Also this particular mule is probably more focused on testing the roof rather than any particular focus on another part of the car, which can explain the absence of any extra parts making it look beefier