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Originally Posted by Tengocity View Post
However, deciding not to modify anything out of "principle" strikes me more as cutting of your nose to spite your face, to use the cliche.
I just think it should work as it is delivered. To have to rectify problems on a car at this price isn't right. Spending 650 to fix the springs because BMW couldn't do it right? Then each time I buy insurance I have to tell them its modded, just seems a PITA. Plus, I've already paid 500 for adaptive suspension to help the problem! That's my view on it.

It is my own fault, as I said above, for not getting a test drive. Also, for reading this forum, as otherwise I'd be oblivious to suspension issues (see other thread about dangers of forum use)! I would have assumed it had full M-sport suspension.

If the 335d was available with RWD with the proper M-Sport suspension that would be my model of choice.