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Originally Posted by tojo_m View Post
Could someone suggest some good subwoofers and amps in the $400-$1000 range?

I have a good idea of home audio brands but have no idea of the auto audio market. I have an SVS PB-12 Plus at home and very happy with it. Was hoping to have some thing at that quality level in the car too (though unlike the PB-12, the lower -3db could be 25Hz in the case of the car sub, since I don't listen to music that contains notes below that frequency). Accuracy and Output would be the primary criteria (not extension).

I know a good sub has to be big and heavy (in general), but I would prefer to keep the weight down as far as possible.

And where do you think would be the best location for the sub in the F30?
Check these out:

JL makes some great stuff. Usually, you'd want to mount them in the trunk if you were really going serious but depending on your needs, you could potentially mount these low profile versions under the seats and that may give you what you're looking for. Usually, the best bet is to go custom, but there are also tons of 'custom' enclosures for each type of car, normally fitting in the trunk for cars. It's the ideal solution for sound and ease of mounting but you do lose a bit of trunk space if that's a concern.