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Originally Posted by NateDog07V View Post
OK, so here's what i've figured out thus far... if history proves to be right, then the thicker gauge wires from the stock amp in a twisted pair will be going to the subs under the front seat (see photo below)

That means Blue/red + Blue/brown and Black/red +Black/brown are going to the subs and next to those there is also a thick Red with white stripe (I'm assuming this is positive Power and the Brown is negative)
Also, if you look closely with those same wires, there is a very thin black wire... is this a remote turn on for the stock amp??
The bigger question is which wires are positive/negative and which side is right and left?
Here's a shot of the harness as well:

And if you yank back the carpet, here's all the wiring heading to the front of the car down the drivers side:
Your guess that the thicker wires are for the subs is a logical conclusion.
Take the passenger seat out, it's easy. Then, open up the stock sub box and take a look at the wires. If they are the same color as the ones in the back, you're in business.