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Originally Posted by markbridge View Post
I wish all of the colors were available across the lines. Don't really understand why BMW limits one in their choice of external/internal colors.
Yes I agree Mark.
I'm pretty sure, that because I think my current 328i GT is the best I've had, I'll be ordering another with the same spec ready for March next year. So around October / November I'll be getting to grips with brochures and specs.
At the moment my problem is what colour to have, I can't really go for another one in Midnight Blue. That really would be too samey. I quite like Mineral Grey and Kalahari Beige, but what colour interior looks best ?
Personally I like light interiors, hence Venetian Beige in my present car. So that would go with Kalahari Beige, but what colour would look good with Mineral Grey ? Bearing in mind that I won't have black.
What about 'Oyster' ?