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Originally Posted by 335is2011 View Post
The 440i side vent is now FAKE!!! It is apparently to commemorate someone at BMW's melanoma wart. I hope they all grow one in the same ugly shape on their foreheads!!

No LED foglights either, even though when ordering it shows in the picture and is listed as being part of the specs!!

Mirrors do not fold with the key-fob the way the 2017 440i at the dealership did!!

No roof-handles either!!

They also removed the small panel (I would've stored my wallet in) under the headlight switch!!

On top of it, the HUD is not visible with polarized sunglasses.
Wow, a little tough dude.

Side vent - I don't think they are functional on any 3/4 Series other than the Ms.

Fog lights - I presume that you have the Track Pack. Foglights are eliminated for additional cooling with that package. It is well documented in the order guide.

Mirror folding - I think auto-folding has always been a coding thing for US BMWs.

Roof handles - Again, never on the 4er.

Small panel - Always replaced with switches for options that you now have on the 4er that you must not have had on the 3er (i.e. HUD).

HUD - No HUD on any vehicle is visible with polarized sunglasses. This has been understand by most of us for a long time, certainly since my first BMW HUD way back in 2004.
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