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Originally Posted by hinckley View Post
Wow, a little tough dude.

Side vent - I don't think they are functional on any 3/4 Series other than the Ms.

Fog lights - I presume that you have the Track Pack. Foglights are eliminated for additional cooling with that package. It is well documented in the order guide.

Mirror folding - I think auto-folding has always been a coding thing for US BMWs.

Roof handles - Again, never on the 4er.

Small panel - Always replaced with switches for options that you now have on the 4er that you must not have had on the 3er (i.e. HUD).

HUD - No HUD on any vehicle is visible with polarized sunglasses. This has been understand by most of us for a long time, certainly since my first BMW HUD way back in 2004.
Thank you for the clarification.
I guess I was hoping for the same options and then some, so it is a bit of a let down. I guess due to the weaker Euro they had to cut cost in order to make a profit.