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Originally Posted by jubu View Post
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Lowered, roof rails, emblems today.
Next is power and M4 body kit. Bumper is cracked so don't want OEM.
@Medic-NY: What springs did you use? Looking good...I think I need to finally get that roof rack on mine as well...

Also interested in hearing how you plan on fitting an M4 kit.
H&R springs.
Car sits where I want it, but hitting bumps or potholes slams the car into the bump stops. Sounds like I'm crushing the wheel everytime I hit a significant hole or bump. Going to look into cutting them a bit.

Bmw OEM rack.
Rack fits perfect, as expected.
Whistles at low speeds with the box on it.
Waxing the roof and the bars, and the box helps with that.
Gas mileage goes from 32-34 down to 24-26, on the highway. Not the most aerodynamic setup.

M4 kit -

Found an M4 style body kit that is bolt on for the F34. I was quoted around $1200 shipped to a port. Trying to see how much to my door.