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What about protecting the air we breathe from harmful emissions, does that not factor into your equation?

I guess you have not spent much time in hospitals watching family gasp for air because their lungs are damaged from smoking, Pneumonia, asbestos and the other airborne killers that steal their ability to breathe. Their lungs fill with fluid and they slowly suffocate because they cannot get enough oxygen to live. There is only so much that that oxygen machines can do. The process of draining the lungs is very painful and you can see the look of terror in their eyes when they see the nurse bring the apparatus over to drain their lungs a bit. The drip from their lungs, for the smokers, looks just like black coffee. It drains for weeks and still looks the same dark colour. Imagine what tobacco has done to their lungs.
After a few weeks of misery they die, they all die. You cannot live if you cannot breathe.

It's a sad reflection on humanity that the proverbial light only comes on when it affects them directly or a loved one.

Instead go spend an evening or two in an Emergency Ward. Watch the broken bodies of young men and women being brought in. The carnage from our streets. The ones who also believed "it will never happen to me." Watch the fear in their eyes as they realize they are not going to make it even though the nurses say otherwise, to calm their fears. "You are going to be fine, just relax." knowing they will be dead in a few minutes or hours. Nurses and doctors discreetly wipe tears from their own eyes, another wasted human life.