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Originally Posted by AK415 View Post
Yup, I remember him doing some valve gasket work but that didn't solve the oil leak problem, which caused the blue colored smog from the exhaust pipe. My apology for making it sounded like catless would create the blue smog for sure.

I am surprised there's no color on yours. Just a random thought, is the Canadian model the same as US? I recall reading something about US models can have more power than EU models, due to the regulation, but not sure about Canada.

Please report back if the CEL triggers, pretty surprised it didn't come on right after the install
The canadian models are identical to the US, the N26 is more green than the N20, thats all I know. The car drove great, I didn't floor it yet, only a short drive for sushi so car not all warmed up. Butt dyno feels the pickup is definitely quicker off the line. I doubt there is any peak power gain but the turbo spools up instantly, which makes sense having about 70% less back pressure now. There is still no CEL, but I haven't floor it or drove it far, we'll see what happens next.
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