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Originally Posted by sjbender View Post
Apparently some people have had success with the local dealers replacing the engines at no cost. Others have had BMWNA pay a portion of the repairs. I would most certaintly 'assume' that they are not going to willingly pay for repairs while the suit is in the courts. That almost admits guilt. You can call BMWNA directly and ask for help but like you mentioned, I was only allowed to go up one level and it was just a waste of time. Part of the case has a complaint alleging that BMW knew of the defect and was using this to generate revenue (money) through service in repairs. That part I believe was dismissed but the engine failure was not. I would just like them to replace the engine, although I am now out of a usable car for 7 months. It would be nice if there was some time of compensation for this.

I totally agree with that they handled this wrong. I am sure there is a HUGE price tag to go along with this... They wanted 18k to replace my engine so using 15k assuming a moddest 50,000 cars... 750 million is a lot of money.

Probably cheaper for a buyback honestly. Give me a M6 and we can call it even!
I suggested something similar to that. I said give me something to drive until my loan is paid off (it is financed through BMW). Once that happens...I turn it in and walk away no questions asked...they refused and said they would do nothing further. I asked to speak to that person's supervisor. She told me I couldn't. I almost lost it at that point but held it together. I am considering finding a used engine and having my indy put it in. Put the whole thing on a 1yr interest-free rewards credit card. Then roll the dice and hope the lawsuit settles in our favor to repay the cost. I want to put a 2016 motor in it so I can guarantee that it won't blow up again. Anyone got any recommendations on where to purchase an engine from. All kinds of places on the web. I want someone that is reputable. At a minimum...I should get some free airline tix out of it!