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Originally Posted by TMP View Post
A 5 series gives you alot more space and refinement (trading agility and performance). but the 530d's do seem really overpriced.

e.g. 530d's are not good value compared to 33,330 for a 520d M Sport (which are pretty bloody great, lets be honest as it lets you waft around still )
I think the 520d is probably the best value BMW you can get.

The 520d was virtually the same sticker price, if not slightly cheaper, as an E90 LCI 320d, once you added the leather and other bits to bring the 320d up to similar specification. You have to say the 520d was much more of a car for the money.

I'll have to try builds for the F10 vs. F30 to see if it still applies. I'm aware BMW were pricing the 520d very competitively, to get drivers into the 5-series, as once you get them there they usually upgrade next time around.