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Originally Posted by okolisr View Post
Unfortunately, according to the US Price List, you cannot get "Mixed Tires" as all-season tires. If you choose mixed 400M wheels on the M Sport, you get Summer tires (2PE requires ordering ZPT). If you choose a square setup, you get all-season tires (2PP requires ordering ZAS). Period.

Although wheels and tires are listed as separate option codes, they are linked together by restrictions elsewhere in the price list. I too would like to order this combination and am frustrated by the restriction (will cost me $ for another set of tires because I want a mixed setup).

From my long experience with all-season tires on a RWD BMW, I can highly recommend the latest generation of TOP-OF-THE-LINE all-season tires (specifically Bridgestone Pole Position 960/970 and Michelin Pilot Sport Plus) -- for aggressive handling performance, dry or wet, as well as for surprisingly good snow & ice performance. This has not always the case with all seasons, but in the past 15 years all-season-tire technology has improved SIGNIFICANTLY every year or two. These top-of-the-line all-season tires are REALLY GOOD. The problem with dedicated snow tires in St. Louis (besides the obvious expense) is that you never know when to swap your tires -- you might need snow tires in November, or you might not need them until February.

Maybe we can negotiate to get our dealers to swap our mixed Summer tires for mixed all seasons free before delivery?
Great find! It does say '2PE requires ordering ZPT' on the ordering guide but not on the pricing sheet. Will check with my dealer about that. I guess it makes the decision easy ... cuz I really want the mixed tires.