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Originally Posted by .BMW. View Post
F: 8.5x19", 235/40-19 (2% taller than OEM)
R: 9.5x19", 275/35-19 (2% taller than OEM)


F: 8.5x19", 235/35-19 (2% shorter than OEM)
R: 9.5x19", 275/30-19 (2% shorter than OEM)

Both setups have matched front and rear diameters which is important with xDrive.

I would probably have picked the first option, with higher profile tires. It fills the wheel wells a bit better on your xDrive.
Hi there

I would like an opinion.

I recently bought M437 replicas for my BMW 320d 184hp F31, and the factory settings says the measures should be 18x8" ET34, BUT the replicas I bought are 18x8" ET30.

Will these be ok to ride on as the offset is different positioning the wheel outwards and extra 4mm?

Does this not put any extra pressure on all the components compromising security of the veicle?

Thanks for your help!