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Looks good.

But, it's just a body style variation on the F30 theme.
Basically it's a more stylized F30 sedan with less sedan utility as the rear seating area will be more cramped with a lower roof line.

I don't see why this variant should cost anymore than 10% of an equally optioned F30.
Yet from the numbers being thrown around it will be more than that.
It's not different enough from the F30 to garner that much higher of an MSRP, but it will likely need to be for BMW to get a good return on investment mainly for the design as the mechanicals will be from the F30.

Where does this variant fit?
It's not mechanically different from the F30.
It looks nice, but it's basically a more stylized F30.
As I said, it's just not different enough to entice me to pay the premium for it.
It may cannibalize F30 and 5 series sales, but that doesn't matter to BMW because a sale is a sale. If they sell 10% less F30's to get GC sales it's still a win for BMW
This GC is likely to appeal to those who will pay more for it's style not for any added performance as it won't have any added performance.

I hope BMW builds a 1/2 series sedan or 1/2 series GC.
That holds greater appeal for me as I would prefer a BMW sport sedan in a smaller more agile package. Offer the N20 and N55 in that car and I'll be all over it. BMW needs a smaller sedan or GC to compete with Audi's great looking new A3 sedan, and even MB's nice looking new CLA. The CLA is unfortunately FWD but it's style will sell.
As it is right now BMW's offerings are relying too much on big models.
They really need cool looking performance oriented smaller cars the kind that appealed to driving enthusiasts and built BMW's cache as
"The Ultimate Driving Machine".