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Oh, those....

Originally Posted by msk340i View Post
I clicked your name and a big picture of your M5 came up. Nice ride man. Singapore was awesome and Vettel drove just like Vettel drives, perfectly. I hope his gloves are off now internally and he starts a Vettel winning streak.
As to the points, points on his license don't define him as a formula 1 driver, period. The points or the board switching at Canada are just points often raised by Vettel haters. If Max takes a shit he's hailed as a down-to-earth hero, if Hamilton posts a video of his dog he's praised as the great God-sent modem age James Hunt, but when Vettel gets angry or frustrated and his feelings show (just like any other human being) then he's a crazy man who's a disgrace to Formula 1 and his character is 9/12 (points) shitty. Vettel won 53 races and he deserved every single one of them specially his last win where he put one crazy fast lap that was enough to won a race while Charlie boi was tiptoeing during his first stint forgetting that there's another Ferrari driver behind him.

Originally Posted by M5theonlyone View Post
Yeah thanks, it's worth taking a driving course before owning one of these,could save a lot of grief for the unwary and they can back out if it's too quick for them.
Canada demonstrated to me again that the ruling body can jump the gun and trample a hero,so well done to VET for switching the boards.
But the worst time incident in Fia chequered history in overstepping massively was Japan '89 in how Senna was dealt with by Balestre.Unbelievable that Prost drove into him, then snitch going to see pal Balestre and Senna being disqualified, race win taken away from him, then fined heavily for using an escape road to get back onto the track!
Absolutely correct next year doing the biz' on Prost who brought it upon himself.
....pesky FIA F1 Sporting Regulations - holding F1 pilots accountable for driving alongside a competitor and intentionally ramming wheels....and returning to the track in an unsafe manner and ramming competitors.

If this is allowed, perhaps the return to unregulated fuel, engine displacement, secret software, hidden ride height and suspension alterations should be overlooked.

Oh, those pesky FIA F1 Sporting Regulations
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